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The Complete Guide for the Perfect MixFrédéric Du Bois & Isabel Boons


Updated edition containing information on 400 gins and 90 tonics, described in detail
• Including a list of the best gin bars worldwide and new and original recipes in combination with gin & tonic • A unique encyclopaedia; the first edition sold over 20,000 copies

Gin & tonic, the drink of the eighties, is more fashionable than ever before. Bars, clubs, gin menus in restaurants - gin is everywhere.

This beautifully compiled book is an essential guide for gin lovers in search of their own original take on this wonderfully complex drink. Richly illustrated, it covers the history of gin, the gin families with their distinct characteristics and distilled flavours, and the exciting, more recent developments in the marketing, the bottling and packaging of gin which is increasingly quirky, artistic and original. There is an overview of some of the smartest places to drink and discover a world of gin; hip and very cool.

Beyond 'ice and a slice', how do you put together the perfect gin and tonic, from the amazing array of new infusions? What are the flavours and textures in food that best accompany this very particular drink? With foodpairing ideas and recipes to create at home... find your favourite glass, crack the ice and indulge!


The perfect accompaniment to the booming "ginterest," this new edition includes a section on foodpairing (with new recipes!) with gin, and an overview of the most famous gin bars across the globe.

Gin & Tonic

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