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Piet Swimberghe & Jan Verlinde


• New title in the Think interior design series, focussing on rural interiors, written by a duo who have proven to be on top of their game

With personal, concise and informative texts, based on interviews with the residents who designed these homes, this is an exceptionally rich inspirational source, with material that has never been published before; a must-have on your coffee table. Warm interiors with modern country tints summon the homely atmosphere of the old days. Art collectors, architects, designers and antique dealers who are truly on top of this new trend, provide a brazen peek into their interiors. No sterile showrooms, but real homes that have been fascinatingly designed by these creative souls.

Text in English, French, and Dutch.

Also available:
Think Eclectic ISBN 9789401427951Think Vintage ISBN 9789401419970

Piet Swimberghe is an art historian. He worked as a scholar in museums in Bruges and Ghent. As a journalist he is associated with Knack Weekend and publishes in various magazines. He is also the author of several books about interior design. Top photographer Jan Verlinde focuses mainly on architecture and decoration and publishes in Knack Weekend, The World of Interiors and Elle-Women, to name a few.

Think Rural

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