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• Plants as interior design: a major trend in current fashion, lifestyle and design
• Includes 80% inspiration and 20% practical tips about variation in size and colour, different sorts of plants, and maintaining

"The botanical trend tends to grow" -

Green in your interior is the new trend. Not only growing plants and flowers but also using them as a stylish element in your interior to create the perfect atmosphere. By showing different interiors where plants are the protagonist, this book shows how you can transform your house into an oasis of green. With practical tips to give each plant the perfect spot and an overview of their characteristics.

Locations featured in the book include: Anico, Italy; Milan, Italy; New York, USA; Antwerp, Belgium; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Madrid, Spain; Copenhagen, Denmark; Ghent, Belgium; Tokyo, Japan; Boston, USA; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Antwerp, Belgium; Brooklyn, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sydney, Australia; Lier, Belgium; Bentveld, Netherlands.

Irene Schampaert is a graphic designer and blogger. She writes about design, colours, patterns, deco, typography and photography.

Wonder Plants

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